The Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Investigative Journalists

a glass and newspaper

Journalism is primarily filled with recording and documenting tasks. Paper notes used to dominate this profession, and they were not an efficient means to gather evidence and information. With today’s technology, however, gadgets have become way smaller than they used to be. And in the hands of an investigative journalist, those tools can be used to enhance reporting so that the delivered information can be incomparably accurate and trustworthy.

Versatile Cameras

a journalist cameraDigital cameras facilitate a journalist to capture both photos and videos. And they do not attract attention as DSLR cameras do. Even though there will be occasions where you will need a camera that can produce high-quality photos, a digital camera should be on your top priority. Besides, as an investigative journalist, your primary focus for the camera is to gather evidence, not to capture a perfect moment with superior picture resolution.

Among all models in the market, Nikon D5, Canon EOS Mark 5D Mark III, and Canon Rebel T3i are the most recommended ones by both investigative journalists and private investigators. Also, please learn further about the specs from the article on gadgetsspy. The site has everything from mini cameras, button cameras, pen cameras, to usb spy cameras.

A Smartphone with the Right Apps

using an iphoneYour smartphone can hold multiple functions all at once, such as voice recorder, video camera, photo camera, digital notes, translator, and Internet browser. However, as an investigative journalist, you need a smartphone that can withstand harsh weathers, at least the heavy rain season. CAT S41, Kyocera Brigadier, Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, Motorola Moto Z2 Force, and LG X Venture are the examples of rugged brands in the smartphone market.

As for the apps, you need oTranscribe, Genius Scan, Google Drive, Google Translate, Chrome, and Evernote. oTranscribe will help you to transcribe a recorded conversation. Although this task is easy, you can save hours by making it done automatically. Genius Scan is more than a side app for your camera. It can turn a photo file to PDF so that you can attach it on a doc file instantly. Google Drive is recommended here because it is well integrated with Gmails. And as you may have known, Gmail is the most popular email provider. Google Translate is a free cloud service that can offer the most human-like translation. And for Chrome, this browser has the most stable performance. You will need it to verify the sources of your information, to find academic references, and to find inspiration from published journalism articles.

Reliable Power Banks

All the gadgets above will not function when they run out of power. And to choose the right power bank, you have to consider its capacity, size, durability, and weight. Some power banks can support three or four ports at the same time, yet their size may be impractical enough to carry. Besides, large-capacity batteries may not be strong enough to withstand heavy rain. Fortunately, our team has picked the best ones for you. Here there are: Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank, MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power Bank, iMuto 30,000mAh power bank, RAVPower Universal Power Bank Travel Charger, AUKEY Power Bank 20,000mAh, and Omni 20 USB-C Portable Power Bank.…

A Guide to Choosing a Robot Vacuum

a robovac vacuuming the floor

We all want to keep our house clean all day, but surely no one has the time for that. Luckily for us, current technological and industrial development have enabled the mass production of high-tech stuff, one of which is the robot vacuum/robovac.

Robovacs are equipped with sensors that can detect and suck away unwanted dust and debris on your floor and rugs. However, like other industrial products, the quality of one manufacturer is different from the others. Therefore, you need to finish reading this article first before you can think of buying a unit.

Evaluating Your House

a rolled carpetSome robovacs are created to deal with edges and obstacles, while the others are not. If you have a house that has many stairs, you want a robovac that is heavily equipped with anti-fall sensors. However, an advanced sensor tech also means a significant rise in the price tag.

Second, you want to measure how big your house is. The bigger the size of the area, the bigger the size of the robovac that you need. Most robovac does not require a dust bag to operate. They use a built-in dustbin with 0.55 to 1 liter capacity. For average-size houses, we recommend Conga robovac.

Smart Home Integration

interconnected appliancesThe best thing about robovac technology is that it is a part of the larger automation framework, the smart home technology. The concept of smart home tech is to integrate all appliances in your home to a single app. Apple Home Kit has already utilized this tech, and there are many other open source platforms that are currently in development.

If you want to upgrade your home with the smart home appliances, then you have to buy a robovac that supports that platform. Pick a model that can connect to your phone through your house’s wifi connection. You can schedule the cleaning and monitor the robovac’s activities even while you are away.

Pet-Friendly Criteria

a kitten on a robot vacuumIf you have a pet, having a robovac will help you to eliminate the shedding fur on the floor and carpets. However, you should be concerned with the noise from the engine because it may scare your pet. And the dB range that is safe for your cats or dogs is 60 to 70 dB. If it goes beyond that, you can expect a messy fight between your pet and the robovac.

Moreover, not all robovacs can handle pet’s fur. You need to make sure that the unit you buy has the pet-compatibility feature so that you won’t find your robovac jammed.…

What You Should Know Before Buying a Nanny Cam

hidden cam

Trusting someone with your child can be very difficult. Cases of nannies mistreating children have been on the rise over the recent years. Some parents are even afraid of hiring one to take care of their toddlers. You should not worry because you can install a nanny camera to monitor all the events taking place in your home.

One can have a look at how the nannies they have hired are treating their kids. Having one in your home will grant you the peace of mind you need. Knowing your child is always safe will help keep you at ease. You can buy a nanny cam from various shops.

Those who want to fix one in their homes can click here for the guide of the best types in the market. When buying one, you should look at the different operational features that make them stand out. You will find battery-powered ones and those that operate using electric power. Battery powered ones are the best because they are also portable.

You can move them from one spot to another when hiding them. One should also look at the coverage area of the nanny cam they want to purchase. It should have a wider angle to help you capture the perfect view of your home. There are a couple of things you should understand before buying and installing a nanny cam in your home. They include:

Legal Requirements

nanny cameraRecording someone without their consent can land in trouble. There are instances where you will be required to meet all the legal requirements before installing this device in your home. Familiarize yourself with the different laws in your area about the use of this device. Follow up with the relevant authorities to make sure you meet all the requirements.


You should understand all the features found in a nanny cam before purchasing one. These devices have different characteristics that make them stand out. Some of the standout features can be in their viewing angle, powering mode, audio, and wireless source. Understanding all these features will help you pick the best nanny cam.

Where to Buy

hidden cameraYou should also be in the know of the best place to buy this type of camera. There are various mainstream shops where you can get them at affordable prices. You can also purchase them from different online stores where you have the option of looking at their reviews and also comparing prices.…

Benefits of Installing Outdoor Security Cameras

outdoor security camera

Keeping an eye on the perimeter of your home usually is a good idea. Although you often find the most valuable cargo inside the house, there are important things that need protection outdoors. Try to integrate outdoor security cameras into your home security system to assist in keeping your eyes on what is outside. Here are the benefits that outdoor security cameras offer.

Evidencesecurity camera footage

Camera footages are useful if you need to prove that a crime occurred in your home. Whether the video debuts in court or functions to verify an insurance claim, it is a piece of proof that can help you. Professionally-installed security cameras can record incidences of burglary in high-definition. Police can use the images and videos to capture the culprits.

Package Protection

Package theft is a real issue today. Most homeowners nowadays have packages stolen from their homes. Outdoor security cameras can help to determine if packages have been stolen and can play a vital role in retrieving refunds. The security camera footage also picks up mishandling of delivery services occasionally.

Additional Home Security

Every component of home security you add to your security system is a protection bonus. The outdoor security cameras can work in tandem with the security system to help in protecting your home.

Intruder Deterrence

Outdoor security cameras can help in deterring burglars. Intruders usually steer clear of the security cameras. If thieves come to rob your home and spot these security cameras, they are likely to abort the burglary attempt. This way it protects you’re your family for becoming victims of crime.burglar

Remote Protection

Homeowners often cite traveling or vacation spouses as a security concern. It is tough to know your home is protected when you cannot be there. Outdoor security cameras offer the extra level of assurance knowing you can still keep an eye on things even when you are away.

Protect Outdoor Property

security cameraCars left in outdoor storage sheds and driveways are a prime target for those looking to make quick swipes. Sheds often contain expensive grills and high-priced outdoor recreational equipment. Outdoor security cameras can act as a good deterrent or assist you with insurance claim if the items go missing.

Determine Weak Spots in Security

A quick peek at the security footage can reveal that particular areas around the home are targeted. For instance, if things frequently go missing from the outdoor shed, it may be time to add lighting around the area to help prevent such issues in the future.

Consider the weather resistance and power supply when installing outdoor security cameras to help add the necessary protection to your home. DD Counter Measures has the best outdoor security cameras for your home.…

Tips for Safely Flying your Drone

person flying drone

Each year more people are taking advantage of the advancement of drone technology. As the number of drones is increasing, so are the recommendations, laws, and regulations to promote the right use of drones. Businesses are using drones to expand their services. Institutions also want to increase the quality of life for their citizen, and people want to have fan generally. Below are some recommendations for using your drone in the safest way possible.

Laws and Regulations

flying droneAnother vital aspect is obeying the rules and regulations of the zone where you plan to fly the drone. They vary depending on where you are. However, in general terms, they are alike. Most regulations talk about how high the drone can go. The law stipulates that a drone should not go higher than forty feet.

The other limitation to flying drones is where you take it. There are some areas where it is forbidden to fly drones for example, within five miles of an airport. You also cannot them over vehicles or people since this can be considered a risk for both. You will also be responsible for damages caused for your drone.

Read the Manual

It may be hard to do this, but once you have your drone, you should take it easy and not fly it right away. Drones are a new technology so even if you are familiarized with them, you cannot risk your investment because of laziness to read the instructions. It takes a short time to read at least about what you consider important parts. This way you can be sure that you fully understand how to operate it.

Do not Lose Sight

Another essential safety advice is that you fly the drone as far as you can see it and no further. Losing sight of the drone can be dangerous for people on the ground and also costly if you lose the drone completely. If you cannot see the drone, there is a chance you can lose communication with the controller. Consequently, you may lose the drone completely. Although most drones have the return safety feature that allows them to return to their starting points, it is still advisable not to venture far so that you lose sight to the drone.

Check Componentsperson carrying drone

Besides reading the manual, you need to check that your drone is working properly. Check that each component is in perfect condition. This includes lights, batteries, propellers and everything attached to the drone. This has to be done whenever you are flying the drone.

When To Fly

Checking the weather can help to determine when is a good time to fly them. Although some of the drones show no problems to fly on cloudy days, other show deficiencies under such conditions. In case of cloudy and windy conditions, no matter how good the drone is, it is not wise to fly them. This is because the winds can make it difficult to maneuver the drone and it can go anywhere. Keep the drone at home on windy days.

These are the things you need to consider before flying a drone. Most of the laws protect you and people around yourself. Others are for your good, but all of them will make your drone driving experience a good one.…

Buying Guide To The Best Computer Speakers

computers on desk

Most of us enjoying working in an environment that we are free to listen to music as we work. Using earphones on your PC may seem rude, and you may not hear your workstation telephone ring. This does not mean that you can’t enjoy listening to music as you work. One can buy computer speakers.

Buying guide to the best computer speakers

Sound quality and specifications

laptopsMost speakers come with a detailed description of its specs. The best way to determine the quality of the sound from the speakers is by using your ears. The best computer speakers have a balance between the upper or midrange treble and lower bass frequencies to produce a good sound that is rich and full. This calls for going for speakers that have big drivers since the ones with small drivers will not be able to reproduce lower notes. One should be careful to note that some vendors tweak speakers so that their output can have a high bass frequency. If one has the need for deep controlled bass than they can have the speakers that have big woofers. One can also consider going for speakers having low frequencies but have accurate sound.


Some speakers have one audio connection which will limit one to listening to sound from their computer only. If one is considering using the speakers in other devices, they should consider going for one with several inputs. Most speakers nowadays come with a second jack that one can use to connect their other sources like phone or iPod.

Controls of the speaker

Most PC speakers do not have controls. One has to use their computer’s volume control to adjust the speaker volume. It is best if one goes for a PC speaker having its volume controls that will allow you to make adjustments of the bass and volume to your satisfaction. The controls should be easily reachable may be on the right or the left speakers or better still they can be having a remote control.

Available space on your desk

If one is buying large PC speakers, they should consider the space availability on their desk or workstation. One should not go for speakers that will occupy most of their desk leaving them with little space to work on.

The design and appearance

Most people will not consider this forgetting that they will put these speakers on their desk. One will have to go with the ones that will give their desk a nice view regarding the design, shape and even color. One should go for a design and color that will still maintain a professional look when placed on their workstation. It is important to look for colors that will not look gaudy after some set


It is obvious that for you to get something of good quality, you will need to get it at a higher price. So for speakers with high-quality sound, one will need to be willing to spend more than what they will have budgeted for. However, one can shop around to find out if they can get high discounts on the speakers they want. It is necessary to compare the prices before buying.


Top 4 Benefits of Installing a Video Recording Unit in Your Car


The video recording units installed on cars is fast and steadily becoming very popular especially in the past few years. The unit is mostly mounted on the dashboard of a car, and it records every single detail that takes place both inside and outside the car at any time whether the car is moving slowly or at breakneck speed. In a nutshell, video recording units in cars record images and sounds while the car is being driven. The recording units are also used worldwide by regular drivers, taxi drivers, driving instructors, police officers, bus drivers, the list is endless.

An admirable feature of a video recorder is that it can be easily incorporated with different on-board technologies like the GPS devices.Video recording units in a car come with numerous benefits. Here are the top 4 benefits of installing a video recording unit in your car.

Rock solid evidence in case of accident

carIn fact, this is the main reason why countless car drivers across the globe are installing video recorders. The video camera starts to record any event as soon as the car’s engine is ignited. Thus, it’s able to provide efficient, straight to the point, and real-time evidence in the case of an accident. God forbid! but should your car be involved in an accident and worst of all a fatal one, it can be really easy to see who’s in the wrong if only your car is fixed with car video recorder. Later on, such recordings can be of great significance should a legal suite be lodged. Sadly, if you aren’t in the wrong and the other driver is, without a video recorder, it can be really difficult to pin him down with the offence.

Numerous reckless drivers are walking scot free and are continuing to wreck havoc on major highways because most cars don’t have video recorders.

Solution to unruly and undisciplined drivers

Armed with a video recording unit mounted in the car, you can report unruly and undisciplined drivers on the road. Has any driver ever overtaken you at breakneck speed only to start harassing you on the road? Needless to say, every motorist has had at least a nasty encounter with a reckless or an undisciplined driver. At times, such drivers are annoying, reckless, bothersome and irresponsible. By their behaviour, they end up endangering the lives of other motorists and innocent passengers. Without a solid evidence, it would be a waste of valuable time trying even to report such a driver. This is where a video recording unit in your car steps in and gives the ultimate evidence against a reckless driver. The device can also be used to report numerous traffic offences including drunk drivers and reckless ones who text while driving.

Fraud prevention

Today, road traffic Insurance fraud ranks as one of the serious problem facing the 21st century. Most motorists assume that the fraud affects only the insurance companies. The bitter truth is that road traffic insurance fraud affects the entire industry regardless of whether one is a is involved in the vice or not.


Some drivers intentionally cause traffic accidents to put the blame on the other driver so as to extort.

Nowadays, this is a grossly used traffic fraud practice by many crooked drivers. Other than extorting money from innocent drivers, the crooks also fake injuries just to be paid by the insurance companies. This is where a video recording unit in a car comes in. Remember, insurance companies levy premiums based on accidents prevalence. And fraudulent insurance claims results to high premiums even to you. The only remedy is to have your car fixed with a video recorder so as to protect yourself, other motorists and the insurance industry from such frauds.

Record a road trip

Record road tripIf you’re fond of road trips, the video recording unit in a car can help you record the entire road trip. The recorded trip can, later on, be shared with family and friends and loved ones. What a way to enjoy a fun-filled evening. Besides, this is a better way of turning your road trip to an unforgettable journey that you can watch over and over.…

The importance of reducing video file size

laptop and camera

Does size really matter? Well, when it comes to video files, yes it does. The bigger the file is, the harder it would be to save, download, or transmit. This is why it is important that you know how to reduce video file size without affecting the quality. If you compress the file, it will make a huge difference. You won’t have to worry about your computer slowing down or its hard disk getting almost full. You can also easily distribute the videos online.

Reducing video file size

download arrowOver the past few years, high-resolution video files have become the trend. Obviously, such videos are so much better than the traditional form when it comes to the quality. While people enjoy using such files, there are also some challenges that come with it. You can expect that high-definition or high-resolution videos have big sizes, that is why it is extremely difficult if you try to share them with your friends, or if you want to upload them online. Instead of waiting for just a few minutes, you might end up waiting for an hour if you are lucky. It may even take longer than that. So, as what we have mentioned earlier, it is essential that you know how to reduce the size of your video files.

Let us have a look at the benefits of reducing the video file size:


If you are one of the individuals who love to download videos on their laptops or computers, it is necessary that you compress the video file first before finally saving it onto your device. Otherwise, your computer might start getting really slow, and this will, of course, affect its performance.

By reducing the video file size, it will be easier for you to store it on your computer. It will still function as fast as it was even if you save several videos. This will also allow you to save more videos on your external memory without any hassle.

Fast transmission

Fast transmissionSending files online would be a lot faster if you reduce the size. The recipient won’t have any problem saving it or streaming it online. If you intend to post the video on your website, you won’t have to worry about exceeding the bandwidth, which will cost you more money in case you want to increase it.

In conclusion, you can still enjoy downloading or uploading video files just as long as you reduce their size. Look for a free software online that can help you compress your files.…

Importance Of Gas At Home


When it becomes colder is when people opt to use gas to heat their homes to save on electricity expenses. Gas is one of the cheapest energy sources hence provide users with an opportunity to cut back on their fuel expenses. This is more so when people opt to use natural gas.

Importance of gas at home


We need food for our growth, energy to perform our daily activities and even for our bodies to work. Most enthusiastic cooks prefer using gas appliances like gas ovens to do their cooking. This is because one can control better the temperatures to precision according to the dishes they are preparing. The gas powered ovens also consume less energy when compared to the electric ovens. This is mainly because the gas powered oven heats and cools much faster


Water heating

Taking a cold shower is not interesting for some people especially in the cold weather. Homes that have a gas connection often have water heating systems that use gas. Using natural gas to heat the water is an economical choice due to the lower gas prices saving you money on energy expenses. In addition to that, natural gas often heats up water faster enabling you to get hot water instantly. The gas water heaters come in various sizes that one can choose according to their needs and that of their family.

Home cooling

Despite gas being used to heat your home, it is also used to cool your home as well. Several air conditioners available in the market are gas powered. One should note that though such air conditioners are expensive, they are a worthy investment given the savings you will make. They have low maintenance costs. In addition to that, it reduces dependency that most people have on the electricity grid. One gets the advantage that in the case of a power blackout one still has their air conditioning system working.

Home heating

Enjoying a warm fireplace does not have to include the gathering of firewood, removing ashes before lighting the next fire and controlling the sparks from firewood. One can have a gas fireplace saving them all this hassle. It has a burner that is easily controlled and uses natural gas logs to bring about the same effect as having firewood fireplaces. One just has to switch on the fire when they want to heat and switch off when they are done. They do not have to clean up after heating.

Clothes drying

There are various models of gas dryers in the market. They consume fifty percent less energy as compared to gas dryers. One can also do their laundry faster given that they can do two laundry loads at the same time. The gas dryers use more dry absorbent air which then passes through clothes making them dry faster.

These are few of the important uses of gas which will help one in saving on their energy bills as well because of the cheaper gas costs.…

Top 5 for designing a win-win commercial website


The understandably tricky task of designing a commercial website may appear fairly easy for an uninformed starter. However, every seasoned website designer knows that it isn’t easy to come up with a highly effective and optimally user-centered webpage. Therefore, this article briefly highlights a couple of strategies and guidelines to help you create a win-win commercial website. Continue reading to discover some top 5 tips for designing excellent business sites.


Hire Professional Designers


First off, you should consider the prospect of hiring thoroughly practiced professionals for your commercial web design project. Since you are most likely not a practiced designer yourself, giving your business website design project to real pros is a nice idea. Nonetheless, you still ought to be very careful so as to steer clear from common outsourcing pitfalls. For example, select evidently qualified IT specialists who have previously helped other clients. Ask any potential service provider to show you their past work examples.


Go for Simple Design Elements

Secondly, it’s prudent to avoid fussy elements when designing a business website. Make sure that you don’t go for fancy colors or texts that appear dazzlingly graphical. The overall aim is to get visitors to purchase your products or perform such as desired actions. Subsequently, you ought to come up with a fully functional and decently structured pages without looking decidedly fanciful/vain. Choose matching colors throughout the pages – shades/hues that easily stand out for hassle-free readability.


Include a Contact Form

phoneAgain, you’re supposed to make it extremely easy for interested punters to contact you on the commercial website. Regardless of the actual concerns different visitor categories might have, make it convenient for them to communicate with you. If your massive webpage traffic doesn’t ultimately to convert into real customers by contacting the admin for various purposes, your sales volumes will always remain dismal, all your marketing efforts notwithstanding.


Provide Attractive/Vivid Product Images

Further, include vivid images of the products you sell on your business website. Having compellingly attractive product images boosts brand awareness faster and more lastingly than almost every other online sales promotion technique out there. According to hundreds of globally revered SEO gurus, this variously endorsed tip can effectually salvage just about any dying brand name within incredibly short time periods.


Compose Strong Call-to-Actions

Call-to-ActionsFinally, it’s important to design a web page that makes it easy and convenient for visitors to perform all the desired actions such as making inquiries or even placing orders. An otherwise nice commercial site that lacks strong call-to-actions are like a fast moving bus that never stops to let new passengers board it. As such, including conspicuous textual portions that feature compelling click able links and other similarly effective call-to-action forms is a highly essential part of business web design.

For instance, if you sell certain tea brands, you may opt for a strategically positioned different-color line that reads “Buy Mighty Leaf Tea online at“. This way, readers who are willing to purchase your wares won’t have to go through several time-wasting procedures trying to place their desired orders. Scores of credible consumer surveys show that websites that have well-placed call-to-actions sell exponentially more than those that lack this extremely vital feature.…

Why You Need To Hire Experts In Business


As a business owner, you are required to have the right information about your consumers and market. Such information would be beneficial since it would make you successful when promoting your business. This is not just about the services and goods to be delivered or offered, but it is also about how they will be delivered. Your business should be in a position to cater for your customer’s needs.


The process of hiring professionals or experts in business is very valuable as it helps the business to navigate through. It enables your business to benefit from their knowledge and skills. Experts can help you in customizing an action plan which fits well for the business. These professionals are always updated on all the relevant information which is affecting the current trends in business. Patterns sand trends related to the consumers change often and these business consultants would help you in staying on top.service

Offers professional services

Most of the business owners are faced with some challenged especially when they are introducing and promoting a new product in the market. The usually spend their entire marketing budget without achieving anything. Business consultants would help you in reducing the risks by sharing the proven information and methods.

Resolving challenges

You cod have a business which is struggling, and you are unable to resolve the underlying issues. Such issues might lead to a decline in the sales of your business. These issues can be properly addressed and resolved with the help of business professionals. They would help you by devising a plan of moving forward and seeing some positive changes. You need to search for a better solution to the various situations and challenges as his will help your business in doing well. A third party person might come up with some constructive criticism or even bring up some questions on issues that you might have overlooked.


You could be faced with several obEfficiencyjectives and methods in your businesses that are not functioning according to your plans. These methods might not be efficient any longer, and they need to be revamped or changed completely. The assistance of the business consultants would help you in identifying the areas where you might be losing money or that issue which are eating up the production line.



Investing decisions

You might be in the process of introducing new services or products. Perhaps you could be in the process of extending or buying out another business. You will need the services of a business consultant in such cases as they would help you in making wise investing decisions. They will help you in evaluating all the business ideas which you have are tabled.…

Role Played By The Cooling Fan In A Computer


The main job of the cooling fan in electronics or computers is to keep the system cool. The chips found in these devices get so hot when the system is operating, and there is a need to ensure that the temperature is brought to a fairly constant level. In case in temperature affects some of the electronic components such as diodes and resistors decreasing their efficiency.


The computer fan maintains a constant flow of air thus cooling the system. Sometimes the stock fans within the electronic devices are not enough especially when you have different components that are working together like in an entertainment center or an office. In such a set-up, you are required to have a good fan filter and a fan.

Types of cooling fans

Central processing unit

cooling fans

This is a fan which operates smoothly within the central processing unit CPU to ensure that the system performs well. The internal temperature in anew CPU ranges from 35-74 degree Celsius. A constant flow of air from a fan filter and a fan is necessary to maintain this temperature. A CPU operating at a temperature of 80 degrees is likely to fail, and you might be forced to purchase a new unit.



Power supply

Most of the power supply units are equipped with a 120 mm fan filter or a 90mm fan filter as well as an internal fan. There are some of the power supply systems which have two fans both the intake and outtake fans. It is very critical to maintain the operating temperature of this device to increase the lifespan of your equipment. Overheating of the power supply system could lead to melting or exploding off the various components. The absence of the cooling fan would significantly reduce the life span of the power system.

Graphic processing unit

You will find this fan in the video cards. This fan helps in keeping he games to work smoothly without major issues. It shares the same similarities with the central processing unit fan.Chipset


Chipsets are found on the motherboard of the computer. The motherboard is designed with an inbuilt fan and fan filters. Additionally, it is also equipped with a very efficient passive heat set up systems which are preferred by most people. All these elements help in keeping your motherboard cool and operative.


Case fans

They are also referred to as the chassis fans. They are not found in all the systems. The system is considered to be very ineffective and cannot be relied on completely to cool the system.…

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