Month: December 2018

A Guide to Choosing a Robot Vacuum

a robovac vacuuming the floor

We all want to keep our house clean all day, but surely no one has the time for that. Luckily for us, current technological and industrial development have enabled the mass production of high-tech stuff, one of which is the robot vacuum/robovac.

Robovacs are equipped with sensors that can detect and suck away unwanted dust and debris on your floor and rugs. However, like other industrial products, the quality of one manufacturer is different from the others. Therefore, you need to finish reading this article first before you can think of buying a unit.

Evaluating Your House

a rolled carpetSome robovacs are created to deal with edges and obstacles, while the others are not. If you have a house that has many stairs, you want a robovac that is heavily equipped with anti-fall sensors. However, an advanced sensor tech also means a significant rise in the price tag.

Second, you want to measure how big your house is. The bigger the size of the area, the bigger the size of the robovac that you need. Most robovac does not require a dust bag to operate. They use a built-in dustbin with 0.55 to 1 liter capacity. For average-size houses, we recommend Conga robovac.

Smart Home Integration

interconnected appliancesThe best thing about robovac technology is that it is a part of the larger automation framework, the smart home technology. The concept of smart home tech is to integrate all appliances in your home to a single app. Apple Home Kit has already utilized this tech, and there are many other open source platforms that are currently in development.

If you want to upgrade your home with the smart home appliances, then you have to buy a robovac that supports that platform. Pick a model that can connect to your phone through your house’s wifi connection. You can schedule the cleaning and monitor the robovac’s activities even while you are away.

Pet-Friendly Criteria

a kitten on a robot vacuumIf you have a pet, having a robovac will help you to eliminate the shedding fur on the floor and carpets. However, you should be concerned with the noise from the engine because it may scare your pet. And the dB range that is safe for your cats or dogs is 60 to 70 dB. If it goes beyond that, you can expect a messy fight between your pet and the robovac.

Moreover, not all robovacs can handle pet’s fur. You need to make sure that the unit you buy has the pet-compatibility feature so that you won’t find your robovac jammed.…

What You Should Know Before Buying a Nanny Cam

hidden cam

Trusting someone with your child can be very difficult. Cases of nannies mistreating children have been on the rise over the recent years. Some parents are even afraid of hiring one to take care of their toddlers. You should not worry because you can install a nanny camera to monitor all the events taking place in your home.

One can have a look at how the nannies they have hired are treating their kids. Having one in your home will grant you the peace of mind you need. Knowing your child is always safe will help keep you at ease. You can buy a nanny cam from various shops.

Those who want to fix one in their homes can click here for the guide of the best types in the market. When buying one, you should look at the different operational features that make them stand out. You will find battery-powered ones and those that operate using electric power. Battery powered ones are the best because they are also portable.

You can move them from one spot to another when hiding them. One should also look at the coverage area of the nanny cam they want to purchase. It should have a wider angle to help you capture the perfect view of your home. There are a couple of things you should understand before buying and installing a nanny cam in your home. They include:

Legal Requirements

nanny cameraRecording someone without their consent can land in trouble. There are instances where you will be required to meet all the legal requirements before installing this device in your home. Familiarize yourself with the different laws in your area about the use of this device. Follow up with the relevant authorities to make sure you meet all the requirements.


You should understand all the features found in a nanny cam before purchasing one. These devices have different characteristics that make them stand out. Some of the standout features can be in their viewing angle, powering mode, audio, and wireless source. Understanding all these features will help you pick the best nanny cam.

Where to Buy

hidden cameraYou should also be in the know of the best place to buy this type of camera. There are various mainstream shops where you can get them at affordable prices. You can also purchase them from different online stores where you have the option of looking at their reviews and also comparing prices.…

Benefits of Installing Outdoor Security Cameras

outdoor security camera

Keeping an eye on the perimeter of your home usually is a good idea. Although you often find the most valuable cargo inside the house, there are important things that need protection outdoors. Try to integrate outdoor security cameras into your home security system to assist in keeping your eyes on what is outside. Here are the benefits that outdoor security cameras offer.

Evidencesecurity camera footage

Camera footages are useful if you need to prove that a crime occurred in your home. Whether the video debuts in court or functions to verify an insurance claim, it is a piece of proof that can help you. Professionally-installed security cameras can record incidences of burglary in high-definition. Police can use the images and videos to capture the culprits.

Package Protection

Package theft is a real issue today. Most homeowners nowadays have packages stolen from their homes. Outdoor security cameras can help to determine if packages have been stolen and can play a vital role in retrieving refunds. The security camera footage also picks up mishandling of delivery services occasionally.

Additional Home Security

Every component of home security you add to your security system is a protection bonus. The outdoor security cameras can work in tandem with the security system to help in protecting your home.

Intruder Deterrence

Outdoor security cameras can help in deterring burglars. Intruders usually steer clear of the security cameras. If thieves come to rob your home and spot these security cameras, they are likely to abort the burglary attempt. This way it protects you’re your family for becoming victims of crime.burglar

Remote Protection

Homeowners often cite traveling or vacation spouses as a security concern. It is tough to know your home is protected when you cannot be there. Outdoor security cameras offer the extra level of assurance knowing you can still keep an eye on things even when you are away.

Protect Outdoor Property

security cameraCars left in outdoor storage sheds and driveways are a prime target for those looking to make quick swipes. Sheds often contain expensive grills and high-priced outdoor recreational equipment. Outdoor security cameras can act as a good deterrent or assist you with insurance claim if the items go missing.

Determine Weak Spots in Security

A quick peek at the security footage can reveal that particular areas around the home are targeted. For instance, if things frequently go missing from the outdoor shed, it may be time to add lighting around the area to help prevent such issues in the future.

Consider the weather resistance and power supply when installing outdoor security cameras to help add the necessary protection to your home. DD Counter Measures has the best outdoor security cameras for your home.…

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